Askul is the online portal that offers office furniture, gear, office supplies, for example, books and considerably more at a discounted rate and 24-hour delivery.

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Askul's Annual Revenue is $212.7 million and Monthly revenue is $17.5 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Askul Store


Askul is an office supply firm based out of Tokyo, Japan. They provide their service by supplying important office supplies to the different businesses so that their customer’s workspace can run smoothly without a lot of troubles. The brand was established in the year 1963 but was officially founded on March 1993.


The company has a series of subsidiaries which are very active in the market. Some of them are Askul logistics corporation, Alpha Purchase Co. Ltd, Eco Distribution Co. Ltd, Soloel Corporation, Charm Co. Ltd, Tsumagori Important Co. Ltd, Business Mart Co. Ltd and many more.


The company has a few goals they want to achieve, they want to ensure that their customers can use their products comfortably and that they purchase the companies products and services at their convenience.


The brand has a catalogue called the “ASKUL Catalog 0” which has been around since 1992. The catalogue speaks about all the products that the company exports.  Some of these products mentioned in the catalogue include office supplies, household items which can be used in every day to solve the crisis at home, the catalogue also shows medical supplies which can be bought by the medical facilities such as hospitals, hospice centers, nursing homes, and others. The brand also sells items which are used in the construction business and items used on the logistics sites. The company also sells their products to laboratories and other places which might need their services. The catalogue presents over 35,000 items to choose from!

Askul Fun Facts

Quickly compare with other similar Staples, Office Depot, AppSumo and others.

Category Ranking: #3 Office Supplies Shop

Country Ranking: Ranked #8 Most Popular In Japan

Ratings & Votes: 4.2/5 - Based on 56 Votes

Year Founded: 1963

Employees: 1000 - 4999

Annual Revenue: US$ 212.7 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 42 to 57

Daily Orders: 11.7k

Daily Visitors: 370k