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Shop all your office supplies, Ink, business machines, office furniture's and many more products for small businesses, office and hoe consumers with free shipping options on orders over $45.

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Info About & Staples Canada Store

History is the official website for Staples Canada. This website can be used by Canadian residents only and has its headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The company holds the same values as Staples as this is their extension into the Canadian economy. The company was founded here in 1991. This is a privately held company and engages in the business of providing office supplies to the Canadian community. They have over 300 stores all over Canada.


The company believes that they are a working and learning company. This company believes in exploring different opportunities and making them work in their favor. They believe in working, learning and growing together as a community.


The company provides several services to their customers. They cater to their office and home-related services. They provide furniture and other office supplies to their customers with the help of this website. They offer innovative services to their users and have changed the modern day functioning of the office space. They provide electronic items to their users, they also provide cleaning facilities, ink, toner, school supplies, art types of equipment, technical services, services which require expertise in Arts and Crafts and many more services. You also can find some very interesting deals online which will provide you with items at a very reasonable price and for a price which you cannot turn down.

Other services

During the holiday season, the brand shows different sections which can help you buy a gift for different occasions. You can buy something for your house, for someone who is heavily invested in video games, as well as you can also customize your gifts to add an extra adoring touch to the present. The website allows you to do all of this apart from providing their regular products and services.

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