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Shop your large collection of office supplies, Dividers to Binders, products from labels along with free downloadable software�s with templates for small business, office and home needs.

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Avery Canada's Annual Revenue is $2.8 million and Monthly revenue is $231.5 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Year Founded - 1991 1882 1986 1986 2012
Employees - 10000+ 1000 - 4999 10000+ 10000+ 1000 - 4999
Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 2.8 million US$ 97.7 million US$ 3.4 million US$ 1.6 billion US$ 114.5 million US$ 503.9 thousand
Avg Order Size US$ 42 to 57 US$ 42 to 57 US$ 42 to 57 US$ 64 to 78 US$ 51 to 62 US$ 45 to 56
Daily Orders 154 5.4k 189 60.9k 5.5k 27
Daily Visitors 4.9k 170k 6k 830k 580k 100k
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Info About Avery.ca & Avery Canada Store


Avery has been in the labels business since 1935 and they came into being at a time when using adhesive for labels was unheard of. People usually made use of a glue pot or moistened the glue which was already applied with the help of water. However, all of this changed when R. Stanton initiated Avery. He wanted to create something where the users did not have to use extra material to stick their labels and thus came up with the concept of a self-adhesive label. The brands headquarter in Canada is in Whitby, Ontario.


The brand’s mission is simple a self-adhesive label was the need of the hour and thus, the team came together and created what was needed.


Avery is a leading brand across the globe and has several different offices. The products and services available at them are the same. Users can purchase labeling software, dividers, binders, self-adhesive labels amongst other items. The brand also provides for schools and offices which are looking for easy to use self-adhesive labels and other items. Home-related products can also be found at Avery stores and these items are sure to make your life a lot simpler. You also have the option of making use of the innovative solutions the company provides, this has helped several businesses in the long run and continues to do so till today. Some of the solutions provided by the brand are through Avery Design & Print software which helps customize and print the project online. The customization availability has made services a lot simpler and has helped customers gain clarity with regard to what they want and how they want it to be.

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