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Baku Electronics is an online platform that deals in home electronic products like TV, fridges etc including mobile phones. They also provide product and company information.

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Info About & Bake Electronics Store

One of the leading and largest electronics retail store in Azerbaijan, starting its operation from 1994 and now expanded all over the country with 15+ stores and 60 plus brands including electronic gadgets such as – smartphones, laptops, computers, home theatres, Television, home appliances, gaming devices, furniture, home décor, and other appliances. We at Baku Electronics, create are best effort in making your work accessible and easier. 

Selection and Delivery of Products

At Baku Electronics, the support system team starts working from the moment when you finalize your product and confirm. Our experts Support care team reaches you for the further process of the delivery process. 

A person can either pick the products for the nearby suitable store on the same day or book it to get it to deliver at your doorsteps. Delivery of small packages and items are usually made during the weekends, depending on the cost and rates charged. 

Payment for the items can be made either of the way by- Cash on delivery, Payment by installments or online payments.

Special Feature of Purchase Credit

The company also provides its customers with a feature of Purchase credit, where the goods and services will be sold after confirmation, but the payment will be accepted later from them within a specific time. The process for this simple - 

One needs to have an account, fill the request form of Purchase credit, wait for the approval and feedback and later the product will be yours. 

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