Bergfreunde is the online shopping site offering outdoor clothing and accessories like tents, bag packs, sleeping bags and more for kids, men and women. Visit the website and avail the offers.

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A true mountaineer, climber, and trekking enthusiast know the significance of the right equipment and the thorough usage of it. All these sports send chills down the spine and to ace these, you need proper products and equipment which match the vibe of your journey.

Bergfreunde and what it exactly is?

Simply translated as “Mountain Friends” from German, The site is truly your friend when it comes to all your climbing and mountaineering needs on the little adventure trip you planned.

From the mountain lovers for the mountain lovers, the company is always in search of mountaineer buddies around the globe. The company came into formation in the year 2006 with a ravishing idea of two and minor supplies gave birth to the site and the company in Kirchentellinsfurt in Germany.

The company is in business with over 250 plus brands and its dedicated employees make sure that whatever product goes out of the warehouse is tried and tested and reliable and safe to use.

The equipment is tested by the enthusiastic mountaineers and the updates can be found on the websites Base Camp Blog.

The site and the additional services and how to order the equipment?

An instant discount of 5 euros can be availed at the time of sign up. The site offers free delivery on shopping over €50 and promises the products shipped out within 24 hours of the order being placed. They also have a 30-day return policy with no questions asked.

Exquisite clothing, footwear, and even bikes are available on the site. The site makes sure you never have to run out of anything on your trip while on the other hand; it allows you shop with ease from the comfort of your home so you find everything available in one place for you to buy your choice at the best price.

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