Do you need reliable winterwear? Visit an online retailer in Germany offering the best collection of gear for rock climbing, skiing, climb, hike, biking, yoga, camping, sports, equipment and more.

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Info About & Bergzeit Store

Bergzeit is one of the top online retailers in Germany for buying premium quality outdoor recreational and adventure sports gear from the top and most popular brands from all over the world. It is your one-stop shop for all your outdoor needs so that you have a blast when you go outdoors. Choose from the widest range of outdoor gear and equipment from Bergzeit.

Outdoor Recreational Gear

Whether you’re in the mood to climb those snowy-tops of mountains or leave your footprints on those hiking trails, Bergzeit has all your equipment needs covered. Stock up on all your gear and equipment requirements for your favourite outdoor activities such as rock climbing, biking, skiing, running, etc. If you’re health conscious and want to make a change in your lifestyle by practising yoga, then head over to Bergzeit to buy yoga mats and other essentials to live a healthy life.

Clothing & Apparel

Protect yourself from the harsh climates when you go out to have a little fun. Make sure you have the finest boots and jackets for protecting yourself. Bergzeit has a huge catalogue of specialized outdoor clothing and apparel so that you are safe and sound while you are having a fun and adventurous time outdoors. Bergzeit has clothing and apparel for men, women as well as kids so that no member of your family is left out.

Exciting Offers

Bergzeit understands your needs and knows your budget so don’t worry about drilling a hole in your wallet with the exciting offers of all outdoor gear and equipment from Bergzeit. Buy your favourite items at heavy discounts and avail the exciting offers always running on the website.

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