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Campz is one of the best online retailers in Germany that sells high-quality outdoor gear and equipment for recreational activities and adventure sports. Stay prepared beforehand for your exciting outdoor plans by stocking up on all the essentials from Campz at jaw-dropping discounts. Make your outdoor adventures a more wholesome experience by using premium quality products from Campz.

Clothing & Apparel

You can find specialized clothing and apparel on Campz for all weather and terrain types for men, women, as well as children so that no one among your loved ones is left out from a fun time outdoors. You can buy specially constructed jackets such as windbreakers and softshell jackets too. Prepare yourself for pouring rain with raincoats from Campz. You can also find protective accessories such as goggles on Campz too.


Get the best quality footwear to protect your beloved feet so that you can fully enjoy outside without having to worry about getting your feet damaged. Choose from the huge catalogue on the website for buying many kinds of footwear for trekking or hiking. If you’re planning to trudge through snow then Campz has winter boots too. You can also find socks and other accessories.


Replace that old camping equipment with new, high-quality ones from Campz. Pack up with essential items such as lighting equipment and cooking essentials from Campz to have a seamless camping experience. Get rid of that old tent and buy a new one from Campz. All other small essentials that you’ll require can be found on Campz. You can even find winter sports equipment on Campz along with equipment for swimming and a number of other activities.

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