BlackTailor is a fashion e-commerce store for bottom wear for men. It predominantly deals in cargo pants and has a good collection of cargos in various colors and materials. BlackTailor is a budget fashion store with all its cargo pants priced at a reasonable rate. It has over a hundred designs for all shapes and sizes.

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Info About & BlackTailor Store

Premium quality fashion indeed causes a big dent in the wallet. Looking stylish is expensive to a certain degree. However, that trend is slowly changing in the fashion community. BlackTailor is one such fashion company taking steps towards affordable fashion. It believes in the philosophy of style being accessible to all. BlackTailor's trendy cargo pant designs are taking the budget fashion industry by storm.

Street look at street prices

The large variety of cargo pants at BlackTailor are gradually redefining street fashion. These pants give the wearer the appropriate respect and street credit. There is no longer the need for spending a lot of money on expensive streetwear as these pants are priced at highly reasonable rates.

Sturdy and long-lasting

Just because the cargo pants at BlackTailor are inexpensive, it's quantity should not be misjudged in any way. All the pants are made of strong fabric to last for a very long time. The pants are available in two materials, nylon and cotton. While the cotton pants are light and breathable and much more suited for the summers, the nylon pants are tough, sturdy, and moisture absorbent, making them suitable for the winter or for athletic uses to absorb sweat and water. However, both nylon and cotton can stand the test of time and are meant for prolonged use.

All colors, all shapes, all sizes

There is no shortage of color options for the pants and shorts. All the pants are available in ten different vibrant and bold colors. BlackTailor does not discriminate based on size. From size 24 to size 42, BlackTailor has a pant for you whatever your size may be.