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One of the most important parts of any person’s outfit, shoes are much more than just fashion. They are comfort and protection too. Right shoes are great in improving a number of aspects of our personality like our gait, stance and our body language in general. And in case of shoes aren’t comfortable, don’t fit properly or aren’t made with the right material they have the potential to spoil our whole day. Understanding the importance of a good pair of shoes, it is obvious that a good manufacturer and retailer of quality shoes are quite essential. And for the people in Indonesia, the destination for those perfect shoes is Brodo.

For the love of shoes!

Though it is hard to imagine, the whole concept of the Brodo store came as a result of a person’s inability to get the right shoes. But rather than just lamenting on the dearth of good quality shoes in the country, the founders decided on taking the initiative and making and selling the best shoes they possibly can, using the excellent resources and craftsmanship readily available in Indonesia. And the result was top-quality and trendy shoes, a huge variety of them suitable for all types of people and for any occasion. Incidentally, Brodo isn’t just about quality and affordable shoes; it is also about giving the best to their customers. Hence, they not only have a friendly and competent customer service staff ready to help customers in every way, but they also provide free shipping for customers anywhere in Indonesia. 

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