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Bueromarkt-ag is the online portal that sells office supplies at a discount price with a free home delivery within 24-hours. Order now!

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This company supplies office supplies as well as household supplies, kitchen equipment, and tools of different kinds. The company was founded in 1990 and has its headquarters in Jena, Thuringia. The company extensively sells their office supplies as well as they also have a large selection of multimedia supplies.


The company has grown a lot in the past years and has a range of more than 150,000 items in their product list. The company caters to the needs of over 4 million customers.


This mail order company provides a wide range of products such as the cleaning supplies, office, and home-related supplies. The products appear under different categories due to their extensive product list. They also have different articles on the topics of tools, kitchen supplies, office technology and many more. The German company provides their customers with prices that they cannot say no. The customer has several different payment options in front of them; they can pay for their products with the help of PayPal, their credit card, SEPA direct debit card, and several other payment methods. Some of the items that you can purchase here are Groceries, Garden center equipment, Stationery items, hardware items and many more. You can also buy cordless screwdrivers, copy paper, folders, shredders, a coffee maker, everything that you can think of. The company caters to a lot of different needs of their customers. They have allowed their customers the choice to buy items for their household such as a vacuum cleaner amongst other things.

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