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Get access to wide variety of smoke products from an online retail website. The site sells e-cigarettes, eco starter kits, branded e-liquids, nicotine, vaporizers, batteries and more.

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Info About & Buy V2 Cigs Store

Vapor2 or V2 is one of the popular brands of electronic cigarettes and vape pens based in the United Kingdom. Their products are slick and have one of best starter kits for beginners who are just starting to vape. 

Products and Services 

Known for its premium quality of products, V2 sells starter kits, E-liquid kits, V2 Vaporizers, XEO VOID Vaporizers, Cartridges & E-liquids, batteries, and accessories. Their products come at reasonable prices, but there are regular discounts and offers as well. To stay updated on the latest news and products along with various promotional offers, you can sign up for their online newsletter which is sent out to your e-mail address periodically. You can find beginner guides and other news related to vaping on their online blog in accordance with their tips and tricks. They also have a separate videos section on their website where you can find video tutorials for maintenance of vape devices and other guides for building MODs and product news and reviews. 

They promote vaping as opposed to cigarettes as clinically, e-cigarettes are less harmful as it eliminates smoke, tar and carbon monoxide. In the long run, it is also cost-effective, and there is a huge range of e-liquid with many flavors to choose from. You can buy their products from their official website, and they do ship their products worldwide with the exceptions of India, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria and Finland due to various country-specific laws and regulations. 

Vapour2 Rewards Program

To keep customers happy and satisfied, they came up with Vapour2 Rewards Program allowing customers to earn points for purchasing products from them. For each one pound that they spend, they get 5 points. Customers will get 300 points as a bonus for signing up with the Rewards Program. There are other ways through which they can earn more points. When a customer successfully refers their friends or family, they will receive 1000 points for each successful referral. Liking their public page on Facebook gets them 75 points and following their public profile on Twitter and Instagram will get them another 75 points for each.

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Category Ranking: #21 Cigarette Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #309 Most Popular In United Kingdom

Ratings & Votes: 4.4/5 - Based on 17 Votes

Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard

Annual Revenue: US$ 4 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 46 to 63

Daily Orders: 197

Daily Visitors: 3.7k