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Are you in need of reliable camera models and equipment in the Netherlands? Visit an online site offering photo, video, bags, accessories, tripods, studio, imaging, editing, binoculars and more.

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To make beautiful images possible, sells everything you need for this, in all price categories. This makes the making of special images accessible to everyone. Professional and semi-professional image makers and experts look at your stories and give tips on how the images can be made even better. They want to inspire you, make you enthusiastic and challenge you. They do this with workshops, lectures, blogs, social media, videos and advice on the website. They help you on your way with every form of photo and video by increasing your knowledge. Sometimes a few tips are enough for an even better result.

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Beautiful images of a special event ensure that you keep reliving it. You cherish these images so that you always remember that story and share it with others. helps you to take photos and videos of these valuable moments. They are happy to share knowledge of technology and the passion for creating images.

Wide Presence has been a household name from the past decade. They sell related products through the website and in the shops across the Netherlands. They have more than 100 colleagues with a passion for photo and video. You will find image makers in every department, each with its own specialty.

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