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Shop your favourite outdoor adventure products from an online shopping retailer. The retailer specializes in selling outdoor gears, apparels, camping equipment, adventure sport gears and other products at affordable prices.

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Info About & Cape Union Mart Store

Cape Union Mart is one of the best online retailers in South Africa selling high-quality outdoor gear and recreational equipment at affordable prices since its inception in 1933. Whatever it is that you’re looking for to have a fun time outdoors can be found here at whopping discounts. The website is pretty easy to navigate so that you can conveniently buy all that you need without any hassle.


Prepare yourself for your exciting adventures outdoors by stocking up on the best quality clothing and apparel from Cape Union Mart that will protect you from the harsh climate outside while also keeping you comfortable and looking fashionable. Always be at the top of your game by layering up in clothing from some of the most popular brands from across the world available on Cape Union Mart.


Camp Union Mart has a wide collection of footwear for men, women, and kids so that no member of your family is left out from quality wear when you’re outside having the time of your lives. Buy footwear for hiking through rough trails or any other footwear according to your requirement for men, women, and children at Cape Union Mart.

Gear & Gadgets

Buy all that you need to have a wonderful camping experience from navigation tools to cooking and lighting essentials from Cape Union Mart. Stock up on tools, furniture and much more from the huge catalogue of gadgets and gear on Cape Union Mart that will make your outdoor adventures more convenient.

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