If you are looking for art supplies, this is the place to go. It is a prominent autonomous retailer of art tools for artistic individuals.

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Info About & Cassart Store

Cass Art is a pioneer in the art supplies retailer in the UK. They have faith in the power of art and also the joy and freedom it brings along with it. So they are totally dedicated to encouraging everyone out there realize and bring out their creative talents inside them. You can be of any age and you can be a professional artist or student or you may be trying out art and holding the paintbrush first time, Cass Art believes in the fact that art must be made accessible to everyone. 

The high-quality products of Cass Art 

They have more than ten thousands of product line and all the products from Cass Art are of superior quality. You can shop for various products for painting, craft display, and drawing. They also offer surfaces and easels. You can shop the finest brands like Winsor and Newton, Daler Rowney and Faber-Castell at the lowest price guaranteed. You can find a wide range of products right from watercolors to oil painting, brushes, spray paint, canvases, pens, pencils, foam boards, clay and much more. 

The Mission 

The mission they strive to achieve is to fill every single town with artists. They are always working towards this mission of theirs. They offer the best quality materials in the world at the best prices and encourage everyone to bring out their creative talents. 

The team behind Class Art 

Cass Art was found by Mark Cass, who has more than 30 years of experience in the creative industries as a social entrepreneur. They have their stores in Boston, London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Brighton. All the staffs in Cass Art are artists and so they know art. This will provide you with the best insight and support from our staffs. They have partnered with several of the prominent art brands like The Royal Academy of Arts, The National Gallery, Sky Arts, and National Galleries Scotland. Cass Art also partnered with one of the award-winning and leading design agencies in the world, The Pentagram.

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