Get every item in Japan from an online retailer. The retailer sells CDs, Books, eBooks, Anime, Toys, Games, Movies, TV, Apparel, gadgets and other Stationery.

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Info About

Classic CDs, DVDs, action figures and video games are what every kid from the 90’s desires. Children, as well as the youth, are attracted to gaming, colorful magazines, and animation. CD Japan is a site where you can directly place your orders to exclusive CDs, books, magazines and games.

About CD Japan

Based in Tokyo, Japan, the site has the most efficient services and range of products. They offer press bonus and your order undergoes seven different stages of shipping, inspection, and verification before reaching out to you. The packages are handled in a highly fragile manner and the payment methods are also available in variants for you to choose what suits you the best.

Products and Services

Multi-lingual customer support is also available for your convenience. The website is also available on the Google play store on android as well as the App Store.

The blog section is frequently updated and has it all about chartbuster songs, games and movies and even deals on the CD Japan. The site is a complete package for the youth and even elders!

With every new sign in, you get to earn CD Japan rewards. For the first time members, a 100 CD Japan bonus is instantly added which can be later used for the products on the site. The site credits 300 CD reward points to your account as a birthday appreciation. New members have to create a new account on the site by adding their email and other personal information. The site will later send verification and accept your sign in.

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