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Get detailed information on all kinds of drugs from an online pharma website in UK. The site provides complete resources on medicines, chemical composition, side effects, prescriptions, supplements and more.

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Info About & Chemists Direct Store

Chemist Direct is a UK based online pharmacy company started in 2007. It was founded by Indian pharmacist Mitesh Soma and it received funding from Atomico in 2013. It is headquartered in West Midlands, United Kingdom. Chemist Direct claims to be ranked first among all the ePharmacies in the United Kingdom. 

Brands that Bring Along trust

Brands are associated with trust and the brands available on Chemist Direct bring trust along with them in oodles. Pampers, Johnson&Johnson, Garnier, Canesten, Dove, L’Oreal and what not! These are just the tip of the iceberg. As you dig deep into the website, it will surprise you with the variety of products. And the products are from one of the most trusted brands. 

Range of Products

They have medicines, whatever you want, every single medicine is available. Baby care products and food supplements for the mother, slimming and sports supplements and much more. The range just doesn’t end, it keeps on going and going. At times, it might get difficult for the buyer to choose.


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