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Christ's Annual Revenue is $58.3 million and Monthly revenue is $4.8 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Christ Store

Are you looking for an international store to buy exquisite jewelry and accessories? Christ stores are here to the rescue. Christ celebrates love in its very essence and crafts elegant watches and designer jewelry to rejoice every heartbeat for your partner. With first-class worth and superlative services expanding worldwide, it caters to customers which cherish their bond with this empire. Togetherness and fellowship are the hallmarks of this venture which with exactitude and dependability creates masterpieces to remember your nostalgic past. Moments which take your breath away, heartfelt conversations in silence, the warmth of their smile fondling you and many such unforgettable moments can be inscribed and relived as many times as possible with the luxury offered by Christ. 

Less of employees more of artists

Veterans in jewelry-making with a passion for creating and innovating every single day so that you and your beloved ones can preserve the gala times work at Christ and every single employee is treated as the ambassador of the company. Intimacy and delightful shopping can give extraordinary weight to every relationship and make your bond stronger. The beautiful experience of shopping at Christ believes in enchanting customers and surprising them with diverse designs and unique options every time. 

Specialized culture; a haven for love

Receiving unadulterated feedback from customers always and working on initiative always with aspiration and assurance are certain underlying principles which earmark its work ethics.

Striving for perfection and working around the clock endlessly with our hardworking and perpetually enthusiastic employees, Christ seeks to generate only love. Tying the old with the new, taking a myriad of trusted and stable traditions with the spontaneous pulse of today to produce a heartbeat evenly, Christ is a dynamic brand with the classic enigma of trust and patience.

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Category Ranking: #7 Watch Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #66 Most Popular In Germany

Ratings & Votes: 4.5/5 - Based on 62 Votes

Year Founded: 1863

Annual Revenue: US$ 58.3 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 140 to 189

Daily Orders: 968

Daily Visitors: 65k