Citilink is the online site where you can discover and purchase items identified with household and electronics. Visit the website to buy products at a discounted price.

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Info About & Citilink Store

Citilink is an online retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances. The company is based out of Russia and started operations in 2008. The company operates out of more than 500 locations across more than 300 Russian cities. The company’s catalog mainly consists of products like laptops, mobile phones, and food processors among others. The company is an authorized retailer of several popular brands including Samsung, Kingston, LG and Acer among others.

Services Offered    

Other than the above-mentioned products the company also offers several services that customers can employ. These include a PC assembly service that lets the customers assemble their own PC online using the components listed for sale on the company’s platform. There are there price brackets to choose from depending on the customer’s budget and preferences. Another service offered by the company is that of insurance coverage for products purchased from the company. For a nominal fee, customers can have all their products insured to keep them safe.

Citylink Club     

The Company offers its customers special membership pupilages through its Citilink Club program. This program is divided into several tiers namely Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Here basic is the free version and Platinum is the most expensive one. Customers of this program can enjoy benefits like special promotions and discounts, extended return period and insurance coverage as well as free shipping among others.

News and Product Reviews     

The company runs two blogs on its website that cover different topics. One of the blogs covers the latest product releases and news relating to products that have been released while the other blog consists of reviews in products listed by the company.

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