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Need quality pet supplies and products online in Brazil? Visit an online site offering pet supplies, puppies products such as food, accessory, hygiene, environment, comfort, drug store, garden, house, breed and more.

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Pets are an important part of today's life. Almost every family owns a pet in this new decade. Over the years, many companies have come forward in offering better products and services for pets. One of the pioneers of pet shopping is Cobasi.

What is Cobasi?

This Brazilian based company came into the business in 1985 and has evolved since, creating a web of 78 self-service retail stores across the country. Their mission is to "provide animal lovers with the unique shopping experience." They cater to the needs of varieties of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fishes, reptiles, primates, turtles, hamsters, etc. 

Why did Cobasi become so popular?

With a strong vision and mission, Cobasi has always managed to stay at the top of their game. Despite their chain of retail stores, their website is one of their most successful platforms for sale. The website is carefully designed according to the type of pet and its necessities.

They have sections for dogs, cats, etc and also have included sections for reptiles, rodents and primates. The products are of good quality and meet customer satisfaction.Their commitment to customer satisfaction and work ethics has helped them very much in attaining their present status. 

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