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Thinking of looking up quality sofas and mattresses? Visit an online site offering sofa beds, relax sofas, mattresses, wardrobe sliding doors, kitchen, decor, household appliances, image and sound, garden and more.

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Info About

Conforama is a French retailer of furniture and consumer electronics. It is the second largest furniture retail operation in Europe. The company was founded in 1967 and since then has expanded operations into six countries across Europe. At present, the company operates out of more than 300 outlets across Europe.  The company aims to provide its customers with the widest range of products at the most affordable prices.


The company’s product offerings consist of furniture, home décor, and household appliances. Some of these offerings include furniture for living rooms and kitchens, lighting, wall murals and electronic appliances like TVs and refrigerators among others. The company is an authorized retailer of several popular brands including SABA, TLC, Samsung and LG among others. The company holds a 4.04 rating out of five on the customer review website Trusted Sops, indicating a positive outlook.

+ Guarantee

All products sold by the company are eligible for the +Garuntee, customers can pay a small fee to have their products protected under this coverage. Under Guarantee, the company will cover all repair and maintenance the cost of the product for up a period of five years. This includes services like repairs & maintenance and travel & transportation costs.

Conforama Mobile App

Coforama allows its customers to shop on the move through its Conforama app. The app provides customers with access to the entirety of the company’s catalog. The company also uses the app to remind its customers of upcoming product releases and special offers and discounts. The app is free of cost and is available on both Apple as well as Android platforms.

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