Congstar is a popular telecommunication provider and a subsidiary of Telekom Deutschland. Specializing in discount mobile phone service, the brand is a strong DSL provider that inspires customers with a unique mobile lifestyle. Renowned for its creative and innovative approach, the company enjoys over 5 million users throughout Germany marketed to younger people.

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Info About

A fair share of happy customers has spread out in Germany for its exceptional service and exponential treatment of customers a priority. The package is extraordinary, from prepaid service to handy tariffs, making it the most discussed brand in the country for internet service providers. Burning mobiles in installments and surfing at LTE speed is the main reason for customers appreciating the provider. The flexible mobile phone tariffs are advantageous to everyone, and it also offers the best D-network quality. People are happy to avail of the best to survive at an affordable price.

Do it Yourself Prepaid Offer

One of the unique plans that set Congstar apart from its providers is its "Do it Yourself Prepaid Offer," which lets customers design their plan. Being a good deal, it attracted significant attention from the users. Those who wanted to save money can find this plan very useful as it comes with cheaper plans. Currently, Constar enjoys first place among the discounters and other mobile communication providers. Moreover, the company is hands-down optimized for logistics and making shipping much more comfortable.

Constant Growth

With innovative and creative solutions, fair tariffs, and other products to customers at full cost control, Congstar seems to manage everything. Taking everything as a challenge, the company also offers climate-neutral GoGreen shipping service to offset emissions. The talented team at Congstar work with motivation and makes sure customers get everything they expect when it comes to telecommunication in Germany. This constant growth is what sets the development of the company to new heights.