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Conrad is the leading supplier of articles, services, and solutions in the field of technology and electronics for both companies and individual customers. They combine high-quality items with new technologies and services to provide professional service to all customers. Transparency, accessibility, reliability, and quality are Conrad top priority. From laboratory supplies to development kits to the most diverse components, you will find everything for your needs with Conrad. They deliver the best service with personal customer care, such as technical customer service and key account management. Visit the website to check and buy products and service today!

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Conrad website offers real-time information updates about new articles and new functionalities, real-time stock, creating shopping lists, importing orders from text files and requesting an online quote. Benefit from Conrad unrivaled product mix and excellent quality standards for pre- and after-sales services for order and delivery.

Quick Delivery

The Conrad logistics center is one of the most modern sorting and distribution centers for mail order purposes. Hence with Conrad, the most unexpected requirements can be met quickly and easily. With express delivery within 24 hours, you can minimize your downtime. Build on Conrad wide and deep range and rely on the highest quality.

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