Shop assorted products from an online retailer. The retailer sells fashion products, phones, appliances, gadgets, computing and games, sports and travel, beauty and health, groceries and more.

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Info About & Daraz Store is an online shopping website that is actively operating in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar. This website came into existence in 2012, intending to offer tailored marketing, services, and data solutions. The Alibaba group occupied Daraz in 2018.

What do you find at

The products offered in this online store varies in diverse categories. You can buy items related to electronics, sports, beauty, fashion, household products, and groceries. The main page of this website presents you with the categories of products available and provides you a search box to do a quick search for the product. The page also contains a link to the webpage called Digital Sheeba on clicking on which you are directed to a page with products related to all the digital devices and digital payment methods. The dMart option takes you to the page where you can find cooking essentials, home care items, baby care products, and pet-related items.

Global Collection and Discounts

The Global collection section of this online store contains products brought from all over the world. This section displays the trending articles in the fashion industry, electronics industry, kitchenware, and many more. You can also find accessories like jewelry storage boxes, watches, and belts. Tv, audio, and gaming wearables are also available in this section at reasonable prices. The discount section provides you with various discount coupons. The daily discount on many products is also shown on the website. The secure payment method is an essential thing when you go for online shopping. This website does provide installment payment methods for some products.

The Daraz University

Daraz also helps in growing your business. The Daraz University section of the website takes you to the page where you can find out how to earn money with the help of Daraz. It is a kind of learning center. Daraz provides you with the knowledge of shop management activities and seller tools, and you also get access to the seller services of Daraz. The monitoring engine of Daraz displays your performance in the selling industry. You can also attend the online webinars and Bootcamp training sessions available at Daraz.

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