Dawsons Music is the UK's leading retailer of musical instruments and recording equipment. Established in 1898, Dawsons sell all things musical, to all types of guitars and other musical instruments.

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Info About & Dawsons Store

Dawsons, established in 1898 is the oldest retailer of musical instruments in the United Kingdom. Its website launched in 1998, exactly 100 years from its establishment reflects the rich heritage of Dawsons. The website is so simple to use, that even a novice user can easily browse through its links and can shop from the site.

Products of the highest order

Dawsons has musical equipment is of the highest order. It stocks guitars, drums, DJ gear, Studio and orchestral equipment and many more. Customers can purchase top branded products of Casio, D’addario, Pioneer, Gibson and more. The prices are very competitive which makes the products of Dawsons easily affordable to most people. They also provide special offers on various products.

Super qualified staff

Dawsons has several offline stores which are manned by a plethora of highly qualified staff, who themselves are musicians and can easily understand the needs of fellow musicians. They can easily provide guidance to any customer, whether a beginner or a professional and help them choose the most suitable product for them. Dawsons also maintains a blog, which informs the customers about various musical products and must be followed by any music enthusiast.

Centuries of experience has made Dawsons one of the best musical equipment sites of the United Kingdom. Customers while shopping in Dawsons will be thoroughly satisfied by their top quality, affordable products along with super service. 

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