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Distrelec is an online electronics retail, which provides service in Switzerland.

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Info About & Distrelec Switzerland Store

Tinkering with electronics as a hobby can be great; the fun of taking things apart and making new stuff can be found nowhere else. And the newer and more convenient electronic accessories being produced can help make your hobby more exciting. But the only problem here is availability; not all electronics stores might have what you need, especially when you need it in large numbers. So, a good solution to find the accessories you need and to get them delivered quickly is to shop online at Distrelec Switzerland.

Quantity, Quality, and Affordability

The best thing about shopping with Distrelec Switzerland is the convenience. You will be able to get any and every electronic and IT accessories you need and in whatever amount you need them. With over stock of 150,000 products under one roof, you will have no problem finding the exact product you need. The company also ensures that every product available is of top-quality. Besides, this company, thanks to its great relationship with its distributors, provides all of its products at extremely affordable prices, even for small orders. Additionally, they have a 24-hour delivery promise on every purchase, depending on the location.

Customer support

Just like any other business Distrelec Switzerland cares deeply about customer experience, an essential part of which is customer support. They ensure the best customer support through employees who are friendly and dedicated while also being knowledgeable about every aspect of the business process, thus providing quick and exact solutions to any problems. 

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