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Want to get the best choice of medicines in Brazilian pharmacies? Visit an online pharmacy offering medicines, generic, dermocosmetics, hygiene, baby and mom, perfumery, nutrition, aesthetics.

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Medicines and pharmaceuticals play an important role in everyday society. There has always been a demand for drug stores and pharmacies. However, there has been a decline in stores and groups that bring forward new products at affordable prices. This is where a store like Drogaria Sao Paulo comes into play. 

What is Drogaria Sao Paulo?

Drogaria Sao Paulo comes under the group, Grupo DPSP. Grupo DPSP is the second largest Brazilian drugstore chain. It was founded through the merging of Drogaria Sao Paulo and Drogarias Pacheco. Drogaria Sao Paulo is a drug store based in Brazil. It has over 700 branches across the country and has over 12,000 employees. Despite the stores, the website is also a preferred platform for the buying and selling of drugs and pharmaceuticals. 

Why is Drogaria Sao Paulo greatly preferred?

Having been around for more than seventy years, this group is pretty much conscious and knowledge of how the drug industry works. Although they have employed over 12,000 workers and offer a 24-hour service, they also offer various discounts and programs for regular customers. The chain offers a special discount to retirees. And have set up programs like Viva Saude program. They're a trusted brand since 1943 and ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

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