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Sell assorted items and products across multiple categories using a global resale marketplace in Ireland. The marketplace provides a platform to sell fashion, apparel, electronics, digital items and much more.

Store Website: ebay.ie
Based on 53 Votes
eBay Ireland's Annual Revenue is $437.6 million and Monthly revenue is $36 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Ebay.ie & eBay Ireland Store

Sometimes a concept becomes so successful that it surpasses its original purpose and becomes something much better. The above statement is applicable to the internet as well as the many websites that have grown with the help of the internet, especially eBay. Originally a sort of electronic market place where people could auction off their products, eBay has come a long way now. It has become so successful that it is now synonymous with online shopping or e-retail. It has not only provided customers with a great and convenient tool to get products they want at affordable prices, but it also provided a platform for entrepreneurs, small businesses, craftsmen and artisans to monetize their talent and passions. This is so in any part of the world eBay caters to and is the same with eBay Ireland too. 

The most popular online store

To put it simply, eBay Ireland is where people generally go to make purchases as well as sell products online. People can find almost anything on this website – all types and sorts of products, commonly used or rare items from all across the globe, cheap items to luxury items, everything is available on this website. Additionally, whether one is looking to buy or sell, using this website is quite easy. There are a number of tools in place to make it more accessible to all types of people. And finally, having been around from the time dotcom revolution was a thing, eBay Ireland is good at e-retail and providing people with the conveniences and advantages of online shopping. 

Popular Categories

  • Digital Cameras
  • E Commerce
  • E Shops
  • Ebay International
  • Online Auction
  • Online Shopping
  • Sporting Goods

eBay Ireland Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #94 eCommerce Store

Ratings & Votes: 5/5 - Based on 53 Votes

Payment Options: Credit Cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Escrow

Annual Revenue: US$ 437.6 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 97 to 132

Daily Orders: 10.4k

Daily Visitors: 250k

Website: Ebay.ie