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Shop new and used video games from an online games retailer website. The site sells the latest video games suitable for all gaming devices with gaming gears, VRs, equipment and more.

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Info About & EB Games Store

Within online portal managed by the GameStop Corporation, EB games offer a multitude of products for consumers of different age groups starting from infanthood and moving up the ladder chain to youth, though age is not a bar for any game lover.

With physical presence and an online global presence across multiple countries, the company loves to enrich the gaming experience of the customers.

The company offers games in various modes ranging from:

  • PS4 
  • Xbox One 
  • PC and much more

The various genres of games available include:

  • Adventure
  • Arcade 
  • Educational  
  • Puzzle 
  • Strategy

They also have options available for the customers to preorder the best-selling games on their console. Refurbished Consoles are also offered on their platform at a competitive price. Apart from the games that are offered on this platform, trending toys and stuffers also available that make the platform a complete package for anyone to drop in.

The organization also has an EB gamer zone which has exciting offers, exclusives, and signings for the users. Another important dimension of the company is to become an edge member and on successful registration, will gain access to special reward points that can be redeemed against any future purchase or pre-order.

Bonus points also added to the customer's account which can be utilized against any other future purchase, after signing up for the reward programme which in a way promotes the inclination of gamers towards new and exciting games.

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