Shop assorted fashion products from an online retailer. The retailer sells dresses, leather items, handbags, shoes, fragrance, skincare, homeware and other related accessories from top brands.

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Info About & Edgars Store

Established in September in the year 1929, Edgars is the largest retailer in South Africa. They offer a wide range of products including clothing, accessories, and footwear. You can shop for the best brands on their website. Edgars offer free returns in store and a safe and secure platform for shopping and payments. You can also choose the click and collect option for delivery and offer free delivery on orders above R650. 

The Edgars club 

The Edgars club provides you with benefits which will help you in saving your money. Edgars offer three types of club membership and it starts from R40 per month. The club Classic, the club VIP and club Life are the three types of membership which are offered to the customers. Each membership offers different benefits and the club Life membership offers the most discounts. You can easily become a member by filling out a form that is available on their website. The membership is for providing their members with a lot of benefits for less money. 

The Moova Money 

It is a wallet service offered by Edgars. This wallet allows the users to withdraw or deposit money at Edgars connect, Edgars, CNA, Jet or Jet Mart stores using their South African mobile phone number. You can send this money to other mobile phone numbers in South Africa and also use the money for electricity, merchandise, data, and airline. This service can also be used by people who do not have an Edgars connect, Edgars, CNA, Jet or Jet Mart store account. It can store from R20 to R20 000 in a single time. 

The Personal Stylist 

Edgars offer free personal stylist who can provide you style tips. You can post your questions at their online questionnaire. You can also call or email them to fix a date for the consultation according to the convenience of both of the sides. Edgars also provide you an option of meeting them at their studio and trying out their styles. 

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