e-florist is an online florist. You can send flowers to someone or buy for your own use. It provides fresh and seasonal flowers. This website promises a same day delivery from Mon-Sat before 3 pm.

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Info About

Wish to purchase flowers today or tomorrow, eFlorist has that option open for you. With guaranteed same and next day deliveries, the UK-based company sells fresh and colorful flowers, chocolates and other gift items throughout the year. The products are reasonably priced, ranging from below 20 Pounds to above 40 Pounds. The flowers are presented in the form of bouquets, with each bouquet consisting of multi-colored florals of different kinds. They are also tied up with netted and laced ribbons and cloth to give a presentable look to the product. Purchases of these flowers and goods are spread all over the globe, panning out to countries like Sweden, Spain, Australia, and the US. 

Pick the event and get to purchasing 

It is easier to shop for something when you know what you want that article for, and eFlorist helps in solving that dilemma. It categorizes flowers and hampers based on multiple occasions like birthdays, wellness and health, housewarmings and many others for love, sympathy, and funerals. These are appropriately chosen, keeping in mind the mood and expectation during each event and customers can with no doubt, purchase such combos. 

Types of packaging

Filter your search by type and find some unique ways to receive your orders. Customers now have the privilege of choosing how they want their flowers to be received- in letterboxes, as bouquets or hand tied. There is also an option of customizing your own bunch of flowers by picking the stem, design, and wrapping of your choice. 

Gift Hampers

Do the right kind of pampering by gifting someone huge sets of hampers that carry almost every kind to commodity within them. Gift hampers offered by eFlorist consist of wine, chocolates, and cards among the other exciting products that can make anybody go mad over them in no time. Hampers are a perfect combination of goods and love that one could shower on someone. 

Offers, Discounts, and Promises 

eFlorist gives out flashy news about its heavy discounts on multiple goods upon every purchase. Flowers like roses and lilies and other plants are now available under huge offers. A mandatory seven-day freshness guarantee is also attached with every flower and eFlorist is confident about its claim.

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