Shop variety of smoking related products from an this online storefont. The site sells e-vigs, eco-starter kits, many branded liquids, leaves, batteries and so muchmore.

Store Website: efun.top
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eFun's Annual Revenue is $422.3 thousand and Monthly revenue is $34.7 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Efun.top & eFun Store

Efun started as an initiative to help smokers to switch to the less harmful vaping through the supply of electronic cigarettes and e-juices. As of now, it is one of the few global leaders when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. They have some of the major brands at lowest prices possible. 

Products and Services

Dealing in a wide range of branded products, Efun has various vaping kits for beginners, intermediates and professional vapers. These kits come as starter kits, squonk kits, vape pens, POD system, AIO kit, and box kits. They also sell batteries & MODs, atomizers, cartomizers, e-liquids, accessories and DIY tools and supplies for creating own MODs and e-juices. You can also register for their Vaping Insider forum where you can learn about the latest products, reviews, tips, and tricks related to vaping and vape devices. You can even find guides by various users on how to properly maintain a vape device, build MODs and learn about the latest deals and promotions. 

Customers can avail for a free 8% discount if they review and share their product review on other websites. Efun also hosts many contests and giveaways where customers can win great prizes for free. 

Featured Brands 

Among the top brands, you can find high-quality products from Aspire, Eleaf, iStick, iJoy, Kangertech and Innokin at huge discounted rates. You can also buy these products from their clearance sales which they host periodically.  You can find all the products on their official website and buy directly from there itself. They provide international shipping around the world, but it is required for a customer to bear the customs duties and taxes on international orders as they won’t be included in the prices of the products.

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eFun Fun Facts

Quickly compare Efun.top with other similar VaporDNA, AspireCig, Marlboro and others.

Category Ranking: #29 Cigarette Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #346 Most Popular In Global

Ratings & Votes: 3.2/5 - Based on 16 Votes

Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard

Annual Revenue: US$ 422.3 thousand

Avg Order Size: US$ 36 to 44

Daily Orders: 28

Daily Visitors: 1000

Website: Efun.top