Ecigarette Direct

Get access to wide variety of smoke products from an online retail website. The site sells e-cigarettes, eco starter kits, branded liquids, nicotine, leaves, batteries and more.

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Info About & eCigarette Direct Store

E-Cigarette Direct was founded in 2008 and is one of the top e-commerce websites selling high-quality electronic cigarettes and e-juice from some of the major brands around the world. They have a huge selection of products to choose from and are available at reasonable prices. 

Products and Services 

Whether someone is a beginner or a professional vaper, E-Cigarette Direct is a one-stop shop for all their vaping needs. They sell vape kits and devices, MODs & batteries, E-liquids, E-cigarette refills (cartomizers), tanks and accessories. They regularly share guides and various tips and tricks related to vaping on their online blog. Contests and campaigns are hosted by them as well, and news related to new and upcoming products are posted on their blog. 

They have a network of shops located across the United Kingdom and also sell their products through authorized resellers in other countries such as Australia. People can buy their products from their website as well as they offer worldwide shipping to selected countries. 

Halo Vapour Co.

Apart from selling products of some of the major brands, they have their own brand of e-juice named Halo Vapour Co. They manufacture their products using top grade nicotine and ingredients. They take pride in testing their products thoroughly to ensure that they’re rich in flavor and safe as well. 

If you visit their store, you can try their flavors of e-juices for free and also get guidance on buying your first vape device. As a social responsibility, they regularly donate and support local charities and make sure that they are contributing to both health and society.

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