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Get your entertainment needs fulfilled from an online retail site in Italy. The site covers men and women clothing, merchandise, TV series, films, gaming, home, lifestyle, accessories, announcements and more.

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When mainstream fashion gets regressive, boring and senseless it leads to people resorting to alternative fashion. Whatever the era we are talking about, when it comes to alternative fashion it has always been about standing against current trends in fashion or politics, even till this date. What was previously Emo, punk and metalheads, today it is all about fan merchandise, gaming t-shirts and superhero merchandise. And whether you are looking for super-serious alternative clothing or fan merchandise, EMP at is the single-stop store.

It’s all about alternative style

To put it in the easiest possible terms, EMP is the single largest source of all authentic fan merchandise. Nowadays, the world of fan merchandise is unlimited; with merch provided for fans of cartoons, superheroes, anime and even a large number of YouTube channels. There are a number of websites as well as some traditional stores that provide one or more of the merchandise but it is only EMP that provides people with almost all types of alternative clothing. Right from superhero clothing, anime clothing, merchandise of popular music bands to exclusive clothing styles reflecting Gothic, rockabilly and streetwear, people can find everything at

Why EMP?

The best thing about this store is first, we can find all types of alternative style of clothing here. Secondly, their collection is regularly updated, which means we get the latest styles and designs as soon as fresh merchandise is out. And finally, all products are affordably priced and the store provides frequent discounts too.

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