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Euronics's Annual Revenue is $61.9 million and Monthly revenue is $5.1 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Euronics Store

The demand for electrical appliances has increased over time. There are many associations and companies around the planet that come with various products to suffice the unquenchable need for electronic products in a common man's day to day life.

From smartphones and laptops to washing machines and mixer grinders, the increase in demand for electrical appliances has met a sufficient increase. In many of the European countries, this need is majorly fulfilled by the business giant, EURONICS international. 

What is Euronics International?

Euronics International is a private retail group with its base in Amsterdam. It was founded in 1990 under the combined leadership of five European countries - Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands. As the name suggests, it specializes in the retail sale of electrical goods in Europe. Euronics have been a huge part of the German consumerist society. Because of its immense success, Euronics had managed to put up local stores in over 1,500 locations in Germany.

Besides the local stores, their website is their biggest market. With neatly organized catalogues and flawless customer services, they manage to stay on top of their game. The product categories on their website include Computers and offices, TV and audio, Telephone and navigation, photo and camera, home and household, games and consoles, film and music. 

Why is Euronics often preferred?

The brand has built its name and trust over a period of thirty years. It has managed to set up 1,500 local stores all over Germany with a maximum of 11,000 employees. They have also devised a user-friendly website for placing online orders. With the discounts and sales they conduct occasionally, customers can easily buy whatever they want to. The customers are free to lookup and select their desired products from the website's catalogue, and place an order.

The order will be sent to and processed by the local dealer nearest to customer. Customer service is very often satisfying which makes the people to always turn to Euronics for their needs. 

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Euronics Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #32 Electronics Shop

Country Ranking: Ranked #63 Most Popular In Germany

Ratings & Votes: 4.2/5 - Based on 26 Votes

Year Founded: 2004

Annual Revenue: US$ 61.9 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 294 to 360

Daily Orders: 517

Daily Visitors: 68k