Offers plus size women's fashion comprising a huge collection of plus size women's wide fitting shoes, lingerie and clothing.

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Info About & Evans Store

Evans is an internationally recognized fashion retailer that is based in the United Kingdom. They have around 120 stores located across the UK and is well known for their huge collection of fashionable clothing for women of sizes 14-32. Their stores are also located in other countries including Bahrain, Germany, Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Products and Services 

Offering some of the best discounts on high-quality clothes, Evans sells dresses, tops, jackets, trousers, jeans, denim wear, nightwear, officewear, swimwear, and lingerie. They also sell shoes for various kinds of use and places like casual shoes, office shoes, flats, and heels. Customers can avail high-quality clothes of some major brands at a huge bargain through their clearance sales which are available on their website from time to time. 

They can also get exclusive discounts sent right in their inbox by simply signing up for their online newsletter. Their online blog is a great place for style statements and inspiration as they share the latest fashion trends and offer fashion advice for women of all sizes and personalities. Plus sized women can take part in their Instagram campaign by sharing their best looks by using the hashtag #IAmMe and have a chance to get featured on Evan’s official website. 

Evans provides free delivery of their products within the UK on a minimum order of ₤50 and offers free returns as well. Customers can avail for their express delivery as well if they place their orders before 9 pm (GMT +1).  Apart from their various stores and official website, customers can shop for their products using their smartphone application as well. They offer free pick up from their stores and has partnered with Klarna to make shopping easier for everyone. With the help of Klarna, customers can buy their products and will be able to pay for it in 3 equal instalments without interest. 

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