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Factory Direct is Canada's leading retailer that offers items like TV, PCs, printers, scanners, cell phones, and the sky is the limit from there. Visit the site to purchase now.

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About us

Factory Direct established its first store in the year 1995, and from there it never turned back. Now it has more than 22 stores spread all across Canada. It is one of Canada’s largest owned off-price retailers with its vast range of products.

From the factory

Starting from mobile phones, electronic home appliances, computers, kitchen appliances, health and fitness gadgets, beauty and general electronics, the gizmos for kids; it has all for you under the one roof. Not only this, but it also has products for the nature enthusiasts, who will be so in love with products from the cupboard of gardening and home decor and also some seasonal merchandise. You can have the best buy from the best brands here.

Factory Direct has current stock of over 10,000 different products ranging from all the categories as mentioned above. And the best part is currently everything is on free shipping from all the stores with the minimum purchase of $75.

Factual perks

All the products that are sold under the banner of factory direct, has the label of our company and it takes the full responsibility of the services provided to you.

It has a consumer-friendly “Extended Warranty” offers which back you in lengthening the time for you to be carefree for the manufacturer defects. The details for which could be found on our official website. 

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