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Findmypast, offers services to trace your Family Tree, Ancestry, Genealogy online using extensive research data involving birth records, obituaries, census data and more.

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Info About

Brits are perhaps the most adventurous people in the whole wide world. Ours is the most colorful in human history, with people of the past eras getting to do interesting things like exploring new places and ways of life and getting to know previously unknown lands and civilizations. As such getting to know our past can be a very interesting and instructive study. And with the internet and the huge number of genealogy resources available nowadays, digging up family history can be a great pastime.

Tailor-made for UK Population

Find My Past is one such genealogy resource, helpful for people who are looking for their family history and background. Though it comes with a number of positive features, the best thing about Find My Past is that unlike the other global resources, it is tailor-made to suit the needs of the people of UK. It has a vast archive of resources that can help people uncover their roots quite easily.

Archives and past records

Some of the resources and records available with Find My Past include

  • Records: Records including, birth, death and marriage records, parish records of baptism and burials and records pertaining to British military history, and many more are available here.
  • Newspapers: They have a collection of local British newspapers right from the 1700s. This can be a great tool to find about your ancestors who have been newsmakers of their day. Most newspapers also carried data regarding marriage and death, which also can be quite useful in tracing our family history.

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