This platform provides online printing service for business cards, brochures, etc. This Indian company provides service for online printing of business letterheads as well. Get your cards, brochures, envelopes, etc. printed in a single click.

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Info About

Every individual, at some point of life or the other, would require the services of a printer. And when it comes to businesses, they need the services of a good printer quite frequently. As such finding a printing service is not hard; there are many online services too these days. But it can be tough finding the services of a good printer, which is why FlexiPrint is available online!

Desirable Characteristics

True to their name FlexiPrint is one printing service that is the face of convenience. Every aspect of doing business with this printing service is totally hassle-free on top of that their mission is to keep print service rates as reasonable as possible. So, they try to print higher volumes in a lesser amount of time. This way they not only reduce the cost for the customers but are also able to complete print orders very quickly. Hence, convenience, affordability, and most importantly speed are what one can expect from this online print service.


So, who can partner with FlexiPrint? This company provides all sorts of customers with print services including:

  • Individuals: People (non-business) can use their services to design and print their business cards and greeting cards. The advantages are nominal pricing and a turnaround time of 2-3 business days.
  • Businesses: Big, small and medium-sized companies can get their print orders done here. There are special facilities and pricing for corporate clients.
  • Print related resellers: FlexiPrint also has special rates and conveniences for small/online print shops, graphic designers and ad and marketing agencies.

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