Save money by buying discounted home furniture products from an online furniture retailer. The retailer specializes in selling home furniture, tables, decor items, designer pieces, outdoor and many products.

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Info About & Furniture123 Store

Furniture123 is a UK based retailer of furniture and home décor. The company was founded in  1999 with the aim of simplifying the shopping experience for furniture. The company aims to provide its customers with the widest range of offerings that are unrivaled in quality and are offered at affordable prices. The company has also designed its services in such a manner that is customers have a hassle-free shopping experience while shopping with the company.


The company’s product offerings mainly consist of furniture and home décor products. These include furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kids furniture, garden furniture, and lighting services among others. All products sold by the company come with a detailed product description that covers all aspects of the product. Customers can also leave questions for existing owners of the products through this section.
Information Galore

The company has compiled a list of literature on its website to help customers with their purchases. The literature is divided into several sections including Buyers Guides, Buying Tips, Guide to furniture gradin, wood type guide, and a section that talks on how to choose bed or mattresses. These articles are easily accessible and provide the customers with enough knowledge that will help them make their own decisions regarding their purchases.

After Sale Services

Customers can employ the services of the company even after they have received to the product. They're after sale services are intended to fix any problems that might have arisen after the product was ordered. These services include order tracking, cancellation, and returns, changing the delivery date and replacement of damaged items among others.

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