Shop bike products and accessories using an online retailer. The retailer sells bike safe and quality helmets, bags, pouches and more related accessories from top brands.

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Info About & Store

GIVI is an Italian brand that specializes in motorcycle luggage accessories. It was founded by a MotoGP pilot, named Giuseppe Visenzi, in 1978. He secured 3rd place in the 350cc category and then left that job to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. His passion for bikes and entrepreneur skills resulted in GIVI, pronounced ‘gee vee’.

Best Luggage Accessories

When it comes to motorcycle luggage, no other brand comes even close to GIVI. The quality and precision with which they are made are at another level. And you can sense the premium feeling when you go to its website as well. The accessories are stunning are worth spending for. And you get a wide range of luggage types for your bike. GIVI makes tank bags, top boxes, side panniers and much more. And everything is aesthetically appealing and goes well with the bike. It doesn’t look out of place.

Much More to Accessorize

Although GIVI is known for luggage accessories, it is not the only thing it sells. There is much more on offer, helmets are one of them. There are hard cases for your fragile belongings, some nice soft bags, windshields and much more. They have some smartphone battery backups, protection for mechanical parts and spotlights for you to see clearly in the dark. And you can expect the same level of quality that GIVI offers for luggage with the other products.

What’s more, they have distributors all around the world, almost in all the major markets, so you can easily get your favourite accessories.

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