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Want to order garden products and lawn equipment? Visit an exclusive online site in Germany that sells tools, hardware, garden, leisure, car, bike, sanitary, heating, colours, household, tiles, building materials, electrical, lamps.

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Info About & Blobus Baumarkt Germany Store

With headquarters in Germany, Globus Baumarkt is a leading hardware store. You can shop for a wide range of products from each of their categories. It has more than 90 DIY stores and it employs more than 8000 people. It is one of Germany’s important DIY stores with 1.7 billion euros in turnover. Customers are the core of their business and they always strive for customer satisfaction. It offers more than 60,000 items for their customers to choose from. Be a beginner or professional or craftsman or handyman; you will find everything you are looking for. 

What makes Globus Baumarkt the best?

Globus Baumarkt offers friendly and helpful customer service to the people. Be it online or their store, they always ensure that their customers are satisfied. It offers the lowest price and the best quality products. If you find the same products at a lower price elsewhere, then you can report it to them and they will offer you the lowest price. You can find products for all your needs like building, stowing, beautifying and designing and also hardware and electrical appliances. 

The best service offered by Globus Baumarkt 

Globus Baumarkt offers a wide range of service to its customers. With their customer card, you can shop and save 10%. It offers financial purchase with which you can shop for larger quantities and products. It also delivers these products right to you. If you have the receipt, you can exchange the products within 12 months if it is unused with their exchange warranty. You can shop for exclusive brands like Greenworks, Primaster, and TrendLine. With their energy consultancy, you can also save money by reducing the heating costs.

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