Habitat is a popular retailer for home based products, furniture and kitchen items in United Kingdom. Users can browse their website for complete range of products.

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Info About & Habitat Store

Habitat deals with home furnishings in the United Kingdom as a retailer. It was founded in 1964 by Sir Terence Conran with his wife in Chelsea as a small store to market his range of furniture. At present, we have 17 stores in the UK and 3 of those being flagship stores along with a transactional UK website.

Formulation of products

Our products are made after taking inspirations from different designs as we know that every ‘habitat’ is different. Every season, our products are curated by our studio so that you get to choose from designs which are relevant & stylish. As our products change with the season, you will never find yourself short of choices from which you can choose. We guarantee to you that each of the range is crafted to meet the high-quality standards that we have set for ourselves. 

Design & style

Over a period of 50 years, we have brought high-quality design and contemporary style to the United Kingdom. We sell a range of products including sofas, furniture, home accessories, fitted kitchens and other furnishing products but we have never remained conventional. We believe that every home should be cleverly crafted and for this, we bring affordable designs for each of our customers. 


There are tons of electrical and electronic waste disposed of every year in the UK. A huge amount from this waste goes into landfills or is burnt resulting in toxic fumes. So, we at Habitat took it upon ourselves and made monetary contributions to the development of recycling collection points throughout the country to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

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