Harvey Norman New Zealand

Shop assorted electronics products from an online retailer in New Zealand. The retailer sells consumer electronics, gadgets, appliances, cameras, TVs, furniture and more at attractive discounts.

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Info About & Harvey Norman New Zealand Store

Modern technology makes your life easier! Not only Harvey Norman brings new high-end device including smartphone, tablets, laptops, printers, camera, and home appliances directly to your home, but they also take care of the setup and that it is immediately ready for use and works smoothly. Be it fascinating technology novelties or favorable brand highlights, you can fulfill your wishes in the most comfortable way. Whether you want to relax or let the adrenaline flow - Harvey Norman huge multimedia selection inspires you to enjoy your free time with all your senses. This will allow you to start once you have ordered your new high-end device, and you no longer have to worry about the long-term warranty. 


Harvey Norman delivers your new favorite furniture, from sideboards to sofa beds directly at your home. For a healthy living environment and a good conscience towards the environment, they also offer a wide variety of sustainably produced furniture that has been environment-friendly. 

Easy Payment

Thanks to Harvey Norman all-round carefree service, you can also fulfill your wishes with the option of installment payments, also in combination with the 100-day payment break. You do not need to worry about your old equipment either when delivering a new device they dispose of old equipment professionally.

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