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Hawes & Curtis is a British clothing company founded in 1913. The company has headquarters in London with a chain of shirt shops all across the United Kingdom. Hawes & Curtis is brand specialized in fine tailoring apparels for men and women. The company has become a style symbol of classic, cult clothing in Britain. This is because of the exceptional quality and innovative products. Hawes & Curtis is committed to providing impeccable service and awe-striking products. 

Company Model:

Hawes & Curtis is known well worldwide for a particular product. The company introduced the backless evening waistcoat. It was designed without a back and beheld the name as an uptight fashion product. It is fastened with a buckle or button across the back at waistline, thus, making it famous. The company has a varied product range for men and women ranging from ties, suits, outwears. The excellent branded and comfortable product range is available to the customers across the United Kingdom from the day of inception.

Status Quo

For its commitment to unblemished service and product excellence, the brand has been rewarded with four royal warrants till now. Currently, Hawes & Curtis is operating with 29 physical stores across the United Kingdom and two of the stores are located at the epicentre of the company, i.e.,  at Jermyn Street, London. Apart, from a website and physical stores, Hawes & Curtis also has an international presence with stores in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. The long Golden history of the Company has led to a commendable list of customers, like Prince Harry, Duke of Windsor, Lord Mountbatten, Cary Grant to name a few. The company has an annual revenue of 4.7 million USD.