HeadPhonez is a website for English speaking users from India. The site receives 8.9 thousand visitors per day and more than 1.4 thousand mentions from other web pages.

Store Website: headphonezone.in
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HeadPhonez's Annual Revenue is $19 million and Monthly revenue is $1.6 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Headphonezone.in & HeadPhonez Store

A pair of good earphones or headphones is a necessity not only for a music aficionado but for also the ones who just love listening or grooving to music for fun. But when it comes to bigger responsibilities like production and sound engineering, you just cannot compromise the use of headphones and miss out on the details of such a strong element, the sound.

Online shopping for headphones can be a thing where you might give a second thought. But when it comes to HeadphoneZone.in you shouldn’t be hesitant at all.

About Headphone Zone and how it all began

Amongst the highly competitive tech market, it has been challenging to grow out and be the best, but Headphonezone has been doing it since the year 2010 where Raghav Somani started this company with a little realization that most of the headphone retailers have lesser to no knowledge about the field at all.

Being India’s first-ever elite online headphone selling site, it is ever-growing and strives to give you an aural nirvana every time you shop from them. The company is run by musicians and people with a rich love for music helping you shop the best of the best.

Perks and what exactly does the site provides?

Delivering the finest headphones in your hands the site also allows you to contact headphone gurus to guide you with every information and type of headphones or earphones suitable for you. After logging in to the site, you can choose from 35+ brands and experience superfast delivery with 100% quality assurance and easy returns and cancellations.

HeadPhonez Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #11 Music Accessories Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #42 Most Popular In India

Ratings & Votes: 4.4/5 - Based on 15 Votes

Year Founded: 2010

Employees: 50 to 499

Annual Revenue: US$ 19 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 148 to 201

Daily Orders: 298

Daily Visitors: 21k