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Info About & HiBike Store

Hibike is a leading and fast-growing bike and bike parts retailer, based in Germany. It is located in Kronberg in Frankfurt. Hibike was founded in 1994 by Christian Baer in a student apartment in Frankfurt, who was later joined by Rainer Nowacki. Initially, Hibike was started to import suspension folks from the United States for making their own quality bicycles and sell them. Later, with Rainer’s expertise in bikes and new garage shop, they started selling new and fresh bikes to customers, and the number kept on increasing. With their current store and office located in Kronberg, they have a facility space of 4000m2, which is perfect for sales, warehouse, office, and store. 

Products and services offered

Bikes of all disciplines are covered in the product catalog of Hibike. Starting from mountain bikes to road bikes, MTB full suspension, Fatbike, cyclocross, E-bikes and dirt bikes, to kids’ bikes, all are in the domain of Hibike. Next to bikes of all applications and all terrain types is their range of bike components, bike parts, and gears, which have exceptional quality and quantity available. Apart from bikes and bike parts, all apparels for cycling, digital and electric parts, accessories and tools, can be found at Hibike. 

Other than amazing part quality, Hibike’s service quality is also commendable. All repair manuals, DIY instructions, and Rainer’s YouTube guides have an added advantage for customers. For any customer, to choose bikes or parts, the size chart is made available. 

It has always been taken care that customers get the best products from the best and their favorite brands. For the same reason, all the major cycling brands have been included in the product portfolio. There are brands such as Trek, Magura, Endura, Bell, Abus, Ion, Shimano, Race-face, Troy Lee designs and many more. 

With continuous improvement in the services and excellent customer support, Hibike is now serving the cycling world at the global level, and products are shipped across the globe.

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