Ikea Turkey

Thinking of looking up assorted household essential furniture? Consider a global brand offering campaign products, products for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, children's desk and chair, home decoration, doorways, lighting, workplaces, cuisines.

Store Website: ikea.com.tr
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Ikea Turkey's Annual Revenue is $157.5 million and Monthly revenue is $12.9 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Ikea Turkey
Mavi Jeans
Trendyol Group
Website ikea.com.tr modanisa.com mavi.com n11.com trendyol.com vatanbilgisayar.com
General Information
Category Ranking #181 eCommerce Store #111 eCommerce Store #229 eCommerce Store #17 eCommerce Store #1 Online Fashion Store #91 eCommerce Store
Country Ranking Ranked #16 Most Popular In Turkey Ranked #8 Most Popular In Turkey Ranked #21 Most Popular In Turkey Ranked #2 Most Popular In Turkey Ranked #1 Most Popular In Turkey Ranked #6 Most Popular In Turkey
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Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 157.5 million US$ 20.4 million US$ 55.4 million US$ 3.3 billion US$ 3 billion US$ 455.1 million
Avg Order Size US$ 97 to 132 US$ 87 to 107 US$ 128 to 157 US$ 97 to 132 US$ 72 to 97 US$ 97 to 132
Daily Orders 3.8k 573 1.1k 79.2k 95.8k 10.8k
Daily Visitors 90k 200k 58k 1.9M 4.2M 260k
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