Instantprint is an online flyer, leaflet, business cards and poster printing website.

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With the advent of high-speed internet, you can purchase practically anything online. Most businesses have websites these days and it is the same when it comes to the printing business. There are a number of websites that provide all types of printing services for businesses as well as individuals and most have a number of tools and templates in place so that one can design their print products as per their requirements. All this can be a lot convenient but it removes the human element from the business transactions. Everything is automated and in case there is any problem with the design or the printing, finding a nice human being to interact with can become a problem.

Service with a human touch

This is what InstantPrint wanted to rectify. They are an online printing service that provides designing and printing services for business promotion purposes but with a difference; here you deal with actual experts. Customers can get expert help on all aspects of production like basic and custom design, checking all the aspects of the design to ensure that it can go to print in an error-free manner, a friendly and knowledgeable customer service department to ensure that all problems and queries are taken care of.

Why this company?

InstantPrint provides leaflet and flyer design and printing services. The advantages of working with this printing service include quality and affordable service, an assortment of different types of products and paper suitable for all promotional campaigns, a one-day standard for delivery to any shipping area and the option to track your order online.

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