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Get every sporting apparel and products you need from a German sports retailer. The retailer sells equipment, clothing, shoes, brands, across top brands and amazing discount offers.

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Info About & Intersport Germany Store

Intersport is a Swiss-based online retailer of sports goods. The company was established in 1968 and since then has expanded to operate out of more than 5000 locations in 65 countries across the world. In Germany alone, the company operates in over 1500 locations. The company operates on the values of openness, credibility, and sustainability.

Products Offered

The company is one of the leading operators in the sports apparel online retail segment. The company offers its customers a wide range of sports apparel. These include outdoor, fitness, soccer, tennis and beach apparel. The company has teamed up with some of the most popular brands to offer its products exclusively through its platform. These brands include the likes of FireFly, Pro Touch, and McKinley among others.

Consultancy Services

The company offers its customers with consultancy services to help them out with their purchases. Offerings like the Intersport Shoe coach and Intersport active coach are aimed at helping customers find the right kind of footwear and fitness regimes respectively. Other services offered through this platform include Skater Knowledge, Packing Backpack and Backpack care among others.

Intersport Rent

The company also offers rental services to its customers for some of the products offered on its platform. Here customers can rent out sports equipment without incurring an additional surcharge. The company allows customers to rent out equipment from all of its branches and promises delivery of products within 1-3 days.  Using these services customers can also rent out winter sports equipment like skis and snowboards.

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