Get the best children products from an online retailer in Norway. The retailer sells Prams, Children's rooms, Leatherette, Toys, Baby Equipment, sports, leisure, children's wear, car seats and more.

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Info About & JollyRoom Store

Jollyroom is the largest store for children’s toys and other products in the Nordic region. It was founded in 2010 and has a number of stores located in Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 

Products and Services 

Offering a huge range of products for babies, children and teens, they sell toys, games, outdoor toys, puzzles and educational games. They’re known for their range of baby products including prams, car seats, baby equipment and various products for pregnant women as well. Furniture and room décor for children can be bought from their store as well. They offer various discounts and promotions on their products belonging to some of the major brands like Disney, Barbie, LEGO, Baby Jogger and Phillips Avent. Customers can stay up to date with their latest product news and discounts by signing up for their online newsletter free of cost. Jollyroom also has an active online blog where they regularly post articles related to the latest products, birthday and party ideas, Do-It-Yourself projects, play ideas and other lifestyle articles including child healthcare and neonatal care. 

They are known for their express delivery system and offers free shipping to customers who are buying for a minimum of 1000 Norwegian krone. They provide international shipping as well but only to those countries where their stores are located. This way, both the customers and the store can save costs by eliminating customs, duties and other taxes.   

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